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Launch Your Consultancy Business With Confidence and Clarity

You're teeming with ideas and a deep-seated yearning for freedom. The vision of a life transformed through entrepreneurship is vivid in your mind. But alongside that vision, there’s a voice of caution – what if you lose everything you've worked so hard for? What if stepping into the unknown costs you your current stability? I understand those fears, and believe me, they are valid.

The Realities of Taking the Leap:

  • It's normal to feel nervous about transitioning from a stable job to the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship.

  • ​The fear of not being hired back, the risk of losing everything – these are genuine concerns.

  • But remember, for those who are truly meant for it, entrepreneurship isn't just a path; it’s the path to making dreams a reality.

This isn't about taking a reckless leap; it's about making a calculated transition. I didn't jump into entrepreneurship overnight. It was a gradual, well-thought-out process, guided by mentors who had weathered their own failures and successes.

You don’t need multiple advisors giving conflicting advice. You need clear, concise, experienced guidance – and that's what this guide offers.

And, that is what this guide is meant to do for you! 

To guide your first steps into Entrepreneurship!

In this FREE GUIDE, You’ll Quickly Discover…

  • Practical insights into the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them.

  • Strategies for sound financial planning, effective marketing, and legal compliance.

  • Tips on balancing the demands of your business with self-care to prevent burnout.

  • Real-world examples and case studies that bring each lesson to life.

For the last 22 years as a professional IT consultant, Sabrish Chand has enjoyed remarkable success in transforming his client’s businesses. He has accomplished this by accommodating a portfolio of services which include: 

Bullet list

  • Private Consulting & Coaching Sessions

  • Training & Coaching Programs

  • Digital Courses, Tools, and Resources

  • Community & Augmented Learning

  • Job Placements & Career Advancements

This is your opportunity to learn about the most in-demand consulting niche that rewards you with the excellent compensation you set for yourself. (You can realistically earn more than the majority of the top CEOs in the IT industry while working less)

And the best part is … most people aren't even aware Consulting in IT exists, so you will have little competition.

Don't miss out!

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And put an end to my fears about entrepreneurship in IT

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